Whether this moment is happy or not depends on you. It's you that makes the moment happy. It's not the moment that makes you happy. With mindfulness, concentration and insight, any moment can become a happy moment. Happiness is an art.

-Thich Nhat Hahn


Hi I'm Colette.

I meditate, practice mindfulness, paint and am a teacher librarian at a busy multicultural school. Work keeps me so busy. When I can, I practice tree bathing. What I love best is dipping in the sea. It nourishes all my senses. For me, photography is a type of meditation. Iuse affirmations to stay true to my creative vision.

Poetry touches me deeply and you will find poems from others that nourish me stored here, where I can visit them anytime and be reminded of who I am. I find that when I go to work I have very little time for painting or mindfulness practices so this poetry grounds me and steers me home.

 I love to gather leaves, shells and flowers and to be near the sea and rivers. I am a mother of two adult children and two cats.